Grisailles of Edelheere Triptych

2020 may 23


Grisailles of Edelheere Triptych suggest the lost wings of The Descent from the Cross(Prado) by Rogier van der Weyden.

Edelheere Triptych

Descent from the Cross PRADO@

Grisailles: Edelheere Triptych

Staetel Museum Grisaille@Robert Campin

Hermitage Robert Campin

Edelheer Triptych was made for the burial chapel of William Edelheer and his family in Sint-Pieterskerk, Leuven. An inscription on the exterior of theright wing of the triptych reads: eThis retable has been given by Master WilliamEdelheer and Adelaide his wife in the year of our Lord 1443.f
oil on oak panel. 100 x 105 cm (center), 105 x 53 cm (each wing)
The wings are painted on the interior with the donor family presented by patron saints and on the exterior with grisaille images of the Trinity and the fainting Virgin supported by Saint John.

This alterpiece Center panel is the earliest copy of The Descent from the Cross(Prado Museum) by Rogier van der Weyden (Inv. No. P002825 ) among works 21th century scholars know.

@@I appreciated the grisailles in Sint-Pieterskerk, Leuven, in 2006, bending my@bpdy to approach. These grisaille style is similar to the TRINITY grisaille attributed to Robert Campin in Frankfurt.Staetel Museum. Similar Trinity by Campin school is Trinity(coloured) in Hermitage, Petersburg.

Similar real solid sculpture was worshiped by Margaret of York. This illustration in Ms. Traites de Morale(Ms.9276-6)in Royal Library of Bruxelles, which was made in Gent about ACE1470. This suggest the icon/style was popular in Burgundy Court in Belgium. Such trinity image style was different from Italian school paintings as Masaccio. Rogier van der Weyden could take such grisailles in his work.

Amy Knight Powell(2008), quoating Djkstra(1990), shew some 15th century contracts with the artist. They requested the artist imitate and follow the known work.
These suggest The Descent from the Cross(Prado Museum) had similar grisaille wings in Origial. EDELHEER grisailles might be reduced copies of the lost ones with The Descent from the Cross(Prado Museum).

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