Angkor Conservation/Conservation d'angkor

Images: Conservation D'Angkor /Angkor Conservation

with commentaries by Ms. Merrily Hansen

At 2002/3/16 afternoon, I visited Conservation D'Angkor(Angkor Conservation) in SiemReap, Cambodia. This public organization has collected and stored artefacts(statues, reliefs , steles,etc) over Cambodia to prevent plundering. At old time, "Ecole de l'ouest-est francais" managed it, but now "APSARA AUTHORITY" does.
In advance I knew it in a fine site Cambodia Tales by Mr. Andy Brouwer. My talented guide Mr. Seng Phalkun knows Conservation d'Angkor and negociated this visit for me. It costs some, but originally its visit was restricted to VIPs in the colonial period. Mr. Keng Reach, old manager with blue cloths, guided us.
Two warehouses store many statues and steles, most broken. I'm Astonished. Especially, an headless Laksmii statue is very attractive. Pnon-Pem Museum has a entire one(Ka1689), but I feel this better.
The manager don't permit me to take pictures in warehouses, so I show images of artifacts in outyard. In the warehouse, a pretty little girl gave me two white flowers.

After the trip, Ms. Merrily Hansen gave me the scholarly commentaries, and I add them without change. She is a friend of Mr. Andy Brouwer. I acknowledge her fine contributions.

In 1963, Cambodia government lent Khmer artifacts to the Exchibition in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka. Conservation d'Angkor lent some, too.
In 1997-1998, PNON-PEM National Museum and Guimet collection was exhibited in Japan. It didn't include items from Conservation d'Angkor.